EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack

EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack contains everything you need for expanding the cooling capacity of your existing EK Fluid Gaming A120, A240, A240G, A360G, and A240R kit. Additional 240mm radiator, two extra fans, a fan splitter and two additional fittings for connecting the radiator to your loop. 


The included 240mm slim radiator makes the EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack compatible with popular ATX and Full Tower cases on the market. The only requirement for this expansion pack is an additional 240mm slim radiator mounting option in your case. Your overclocking journey starts here!

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The classic, yet effective square shape of the fan casing ensures optimal performance without hydraulic losses thus ensuring the optimal cooling capacity of your liquid cooling radiators.
Industry standard G1/4 BSP threaded ports allows for maximum flexibility and offers a plethora of upgrade options

EK-AluStream 240 RADIATOR

The expansion pack gets its name from the EK-AluStream SE 240 radiator it includes. It offers high-class cooling performance for its thickness of just 27.5mm. Dense aluminum fins combined with a slim profile provide a huge cooling surface, while the radiator remains highly compatible with most cases on the market. The EK-AluStream SE 240 radiator is optimized for maximum heat dissipation across the entire operational range of the fan thus delivering exceptional performance at both low and high airflow operation.

EK-Vardar 120

The included EK-Vardar fan is an industrial-grade high-static pressure cooling fan, designed and built primarily for radiator use with liquid cooling systems. EK-Vardar is simply the best choice for radiator cooling whether you are planning to use it in a push or pull setup, as it provides unmatched performance throughout the entire operating range. The EK-AluStream radiator and the EK-Vardar fans are a perfect match for efficient heat dissipation.

EK-ACF ALU Fitting 10/13mm

Two black EK-ACF ALU Fittings (Advanced Compression Fitting) are 10/13 soft-tube compression fittings designed for use with flexible soft tubing. With a high-quality anodized black finish, the EK-ACF Fittings are an aesthetically appealing and secure option for your cooling loop. The locking ring prevents the flexible tube from being pulled out of the fitting by compressing the tubing wall underneath the ring. These fittings have a low-profile design hence it is recommended to secure the fitting barb using Allen Key 8mm (included with A120, A240 or A240G EK Fluid Gaming kits) to prevent skin damage to your finger tips - barb has no finger grip surface.

EK-Cable Y-Splitter 2-Fan PWM (10cm)

EK-Cable Y-Splitter 2-Fan PWM is a simple adapter used to hook two (PWM) fans to one motherboard 4-pin PWM or 3-pin DC FAN connector.

EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack scope of delivery and specifications:
  • Radiator: EK-AluStream SE 240 (Double)
  • Radiator size: 280 x 120 x 27,5mm (L x W x H)
  • Radiator fan: EK-Vardar F3-120 (1850rpm) (2pcs)
  • Compression fittings: EK-ACF ALU Fitting 10/13mm - Black (2 pcs)
  • Y-cable splitter: EK-Cable Y-Splitter 2-Fan PWM (10cm)
This expansion pack is compatible with the following water cooling kits:
  • EK Fluid Gaming A120
  • EK Fluid Gaming A240
  • EK Fluid Gaming A240G
  • EK Fluid Gaming A360G
  • EK Fluid Gaming A240R
Read before you buy
  • EK-FG 240 Expansion Pack is not a standalone product. Its purpose is solely for expanding an existing EK Fluid Gaming A120, A240, A240G, A360G or A240R kit!
  • Tubing and additional coolant are not included in the expansion pack and must be purchased separately!
  • EK Fluid Gaming products are made out of aluminum. Never mix aluminum and copper products in the same loop!
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