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Your Gaming PC works hard to create the ultimate 4K gaming experience; squeezing every drop of performance from your CPU & GPU to get the best graphics and the smoothest gameplay.

As your CPU & GPU reach over 90C+ your Gaming PC will begin to throttle the performance of your components in an attempt to lower their running temps - meaning your games won’t run as smoothly.

By replacing your stock air-cooler with a custom EK Water-Block, you can apply liquid-coolant directly to your CPU & GPU ensuring ultra-low temps and maximum gaming performance.


Although it looks complicated, liquid-cooling is actually something you benefit from everyday - take your car for example, the cooling system is very similar to a custom-loop PC.

Inside your water-cooled PC you’ll find a reservoir to store all your coolant, a pump to push that coolant around your PC and finally a radiator fitted with fans to expel that hot air out of your case. This ensures that your PC can push coolant directly over key components of your Gaming PC ensuring ultra-low temps, maximum gaming performance and minimal noise output.


Building a custom liquid-cooling Gaming PC is easier than you think, in this video we’ll show you how to assemble a water-cooled Gaming PC from start to finish. Assembly only takes a few hours, although it’s important to do the prep work and plan your loop out carefully before-hand to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Sit back, grab some popcorn 🍿 and get ready to watch master water-coolers at work.

What is the difference between water-cooling and liquid-cooling?

There is no difference between liquid-cooling and water-cooling, these terms are interchangeable, however we strongly recommend you DO NOT fill any custom-loop with water. Using water in your custom-loop can damage your PC components causing corrosion or worse – algae and other micro-organisms.

EK-CryoFuel is specially formulated coolant containing corrosion inhibitors and growth inhibitors, keeping your loop clean and sterile. It’s also available in a range of colours, so you can match your PC with the rest of our build.


Overclocking allows your Gaming PC to increase your CPU & GPU performance by removing the stock out-of-box limitations in your BIOS, this allows your Gaming PC to work harder and draw more power.

All this extra performance comes at a price though, more excess heat. That’s why custom liquid-cooling offers the perfect platform for overclocking, applying coolant directly to the CPU & GPU it allows your PC to run at lower temps - meaning you can squeeze that extra peformance from your PC.

Overclocking requires a lot of care, because you can damage your components if not done correctly. We don’t recommend that you overclock your components unless you’re using approved software like AMD Ryzen Master or Intel Performance Maximizer.