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Plug-and-play high-performance PCs with implemented RGB lighting aesthetics at a cost-effective price. These PCs can either be gaming oriented or used as powerful design and creativity platforms.

Our approach
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A revolutionary approach

To liquid cooling

As an industry leader in liquid cooling we are well aware of the challenges faced while designing prebuild gaming PCs.

Designing a gaming computer is all about:

  • Enabling sustainable performance to deliver the best
    gaming experience.

  • Turning up the performance usually brings additional heat
    dissipation challenges.

  • The best way to deal with increased heat is by using liquid

Ensuring that the temperatures of the CPU and GPU are under control also ensures your system will never let you down.

Pre-built liquid cooled gaming systems are expensive

and can cost well over the price of multiple graphics cards. Building a system yourself takes time and a specific skill set. As such, liquid cooled systems are considered niche and not obtainable at a reasonable price.


EK Fluid Gaming aims to deliver

a disruptive product to the market combining sustainable gaming performance with liquid cooling aesthetics at beyond a competitive price point.

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What differentiates us

from other gaming PCs

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    Fully custom liquid cooled

    Not only the CPU but also the GPU is liquid cooled. Liquid cooling is up to 7 times more efficient than air cooling and keeps the temperatures low. It helps your hardware to breath and those short bursts of power can last for hours – all that with whisper quiet operation.

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    Liquid cooling aesthetics, guaranteed

    Designed and engineered with liquid cooling integrated into the manifold producing a sleek, clean, elegant, and intelligent look for the modern generation of gamers.

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    Best combination of components for uncompromising power

    We offer three tested-and-approved configurations for uncompromised gaming performance:


Casual Gamer

Serious Gamer

Advanced Gamer


With retailers

Brand personalization for retail partners

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    Constant and balanced performance

    Having cooling at the heart of your gaming system, it is certain that your computer will never overheat and slow down on performance, even in the most intensive battlefield moments.

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    Overclocking potential increased

    With overclocking you can squeeze every bit of performance out of your system if supported with a superior cooling solution.

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    Graphic reinvented and pushed to the max

    Fluid Gaming Systems use NVIDIA GeForce® RTX GPUs for ultimate gaming performance. Even after hours of gaming, our cooling solution enables your graphics card to self-overclock by using NVIDIA GPU BOOST 3.0 and extract every last FPS.

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    Silent gaming environment

    It's common knowledge that liquid cooling is several times more effective compared to traditional air cooling. Radiators have densely stacked fins that are combined to create a much larger cooling surface where a low-speed fans can effectively dissipate heat. Heat is transported away from the source to a radiator and directly exhausted from the case. You can enjoy some quality gaming without any annoying noises roaring out of your PC.

EKWB liquid cooling computer


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How can we disrupt the market

with aggressive pricing?

Our product price

Best bang for your buck

In our opinion, an expert is someone who knows how to extract the maximum from limited resources. Following this philosophy, we engineered a superb machine that delivers incredible value over the competition at moderate price points.

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Innovative business model

Together we can achieve more.

We will build it together and guarantee the best gaming experience to disrupt market.

  • Disruptive liquid cooling engineered by EK

    Combining innovative design, years of experience and cost-saving engineering solutions, we are able to produce an astonishingly designed full liquid cooling and high-performance computer at an amazing price.

  • Customized barebone (EK)

    EK aims to make partnerships visible as we believe best partners work best together. We offer you a personalized production with your brand engraved into the manifold.

  • Optimal component purchasing

    We stress-tested 3 combinations of CPU and GPU for optimal gaming performance. To ensure best prices, you have the possibility to source the components through your usual channels.

  • Optimized assembling

    We set up 3 dedicated assembly lines – USA, Asia and Europe, to further optimize cost and lead time. We also provide you with all instructions if you prefer to assemble the system on your own.

  • Sales and trade marketing support

    Our mission is to disrupt the market. We have developed a full set of sales and marketing tools to help you better present and promote the Fluid Gaming PCs. It includes a set of online training sessions with certifications for your sales and assembly teams.

  • Local retail expertise & customer support

    We want to partner with the best retailers, who can support our vision with local market expertise and excellent customer support. In return we offer territory exclusivity and an attractive margin.


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