EK Fluid Gaming RTX 3000 & RX 6000 Water Blocks Now Available in the EK Shop.

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Does my EK Fluid Gaming PC come with coolant, is it pre-filled?

Yes, each EK Fluid Gaming PC comes included with 1L of pre-mixed EK Cyro Fuel Clear Coolant along with a dedicated fill bottle. The PC does require filling before use, this can be easily done by following the instructions in your start-up guide. It should take no longer than 2-3 minutes and should be done before turning your PC on for the first time.

How long is the warranty on my EK Fluid Gaming PC?

Each EK Fluid Gaming PC comes with a full 3-year warranty which includes parts, labor, support and return delivery to your door. This includes a dedicated support line that's available to answer any questions before, during or after the purchase of your EK Fluid Gaming PC. Our support team will try to remedy the issue over the phone and if possible, will offer to ship replacement parts out direct for minor corrections, so we can get you back into the game as soon as possible.

Can I customize the specification of my EK Fluid Gaming PC?

Currently we offer six pre-built configurations, which we believe offer the best gaming performance at great price points. If you do decide that you'd like a custom specification, we can offer select upgrades for things such as CPU, GPU, RAM and storage solutions. Custom quotations can be requested by either calling our customization hotline or emailing our sales manager Ivan at: [email protected] - built time may vary depending on the requests made.

I've never owned a liquid-cooled PC before, what kind of maintenance is required?

The short answer to this is very little, just like standard Gaming PCs our range of fully liquid-cooled systems require minimal maintenance once set-up. Once the system is filled with the included coolant, simply top up as required. We do recommend an annual drain and change of coolant; this is simply ensuring that your water-loop is properly treated with anti-bacterial inhibitors included in the EK Cyrofuel pre-mix. A draining kit and instructions are included, simply order a coolant color of your choice to replace the clear mix, it should take approximately 10 minutes to drain and refill.

Can I easily upgrade my EK Fluid Gaming PC when new GPUs or CPUs are launched?

Our EK Fluid Gaming PCs come pre-built with the latest hardware, should you wish to upgrade in the future however we will offer replacement water-blocks for the latest CPU and GPU launches. These will be available to order separately through the EKWB store, or alternatively by contacting the EK Fluid Gaming customization sales team and asking for a quotation to collect, upgrade and return your existing EK Fluid Gaming PC.