Why liquid cooling is

good for gamers

Liquid cooling, also commonly called water cooling, is the best solution for rapid heat removal due to its unmatched thermal performance. It is the only solution that allows successful heat removal from critical spots in the modern day computers with zero noise pollution!

A truly silent
gaming PC

In comparison to air, liquid cooling is several times more effective in transporting heat away from a source to a radiator. Radiators have dense fins which combine to create a large cooling surface where a low-speed fan can effectively dissipate heat. You can enjoy gaming without any annoying noise coming out of your PC!

Performance & Overclocking

Custom liquid cooling can outperform and outlive any AIO, not to mention standard air cooling solutions. Adequate cooling nullifies thermal throttling and allows you to take advantage of your hardware's additional performance. Overclocking raises the stock frequency which gives your hardware more computing power. Liquid cooling is the only solution that can keep your overclocked hardware under control without the risk of overheating.


Make your build unique

Besides all of the technical benefits that liquid cooling brings, it also allows you to turn your PC into a visual masterpiece. The use of liquid cooling provides countless options for customizing, which leaves you with a unique setup. Ugrade your PC with state-of-the-art liquid cooling and make it be remembered in the community.

Easy to install

A detailed step-by-step tutorial is available for every kit, which will guide you through the installation process. An error-preventing installation design is implemented with all of our EK Fluid Gaming cooling gear. With just a few screws, it is as easy as installing any other cooling solution. If you have any questions about the installation process, a professional team can provide full technical support.

Installation video tutorials

Increase the lifespan of
your components

Components can die from being constantly run at excessively high temperatures. With liquid cooling, your components will stay cooler and last much longer than usual.

Patent pending die-casted aluminum cold plate with central inlet split-flow design allows for uncompromised performance and is extremely lightweight!
Full metal construction utilizing extruded aluminum profile lid allows for operation at extended temperature range.
Make your build


Improve your gaming experience by upgrading your PC with one of the FLUID GAMING liquid cooling kits. Enjoy high FPS and low temperatures while giving your gaming rig a visually unique face-lift!

  • Small form factor
  • Unprecedented silence
  • The most affordable custom liquid cooling solution
  • Unlock overclocking capability
  • Tackle thermal throttling with style
  • Outperform every AIO solution on the market
  • The only kit with an included GPU water block
  • Make your graphics card cool and dead silent
  • Boost your FPS