EK Fluid Gaming RTX 3000 & RX 6000 Water Blocks Now Available in the EK Shop.

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AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution technology enables gamers to get even better FPS from their existing AMD RX 6000 graphics cards. Similar to NVIDIA's DLSS, this software offers performance increases across multiple generations of GPUs. However, for RX 6000 users, the main benefit lies with 4K Gaming, offering up to 2x the gaming performance compared to native 4K resolution with minimal impact to visual fidelity.

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People build PCs for many different reasons, but one of the main aspects that gamers agree on is that your PC should look visually jaw-dropping. Customizable lighting is an important feature, but what’s the difference between RGB vs. DRGB?

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The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti joins the ranks of EK Fluid Gaming PCs, equipped with a custom EK D-RGB Waterblock , it offers next generation performance for the new EK Fluid Gaming 270 Vanquish. The new gaming GPU is up to 1.5x faster than the previous RTX 2070 SUPER and stays loyal to acclaimed features like NVIDIA Reflex latency-reduction, NVIDIA DLSS performance-boosting AI, NVIDIA Broadcast streaming features, and, of course, ray tracing. Users will enjoy the fact that additional memory makes it able to easily handle the most popular creator applications. 

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EK Fluid Gaming, known for its range of award winning fully liquid-cooled Gaming PCs, is proud to add a new small form factor build to our line-up. Offering all the benefits of performance liquid-cooling for both CPU & GPU in an ultra-compact design, the new small form factor Gaming PCs are powered by the new EK AIO Plus for a premium gaming experience.

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